PKCS is a website & plugin for sharing / downloading Parakeet 2 Colour Schemes (see

Plugin Features:

Download PKCS Plugin

To install, unzip and copy the JimmyBG.PKCS folder into the Installed Plugins folder of Parakeet

e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Parakeet 2\Installed Plugins

If Parakeet is already open, you'll have to restart it to load the plugin

Got a scheme you'd like others to see? Hit that upload button!

Add a Scheme

Scheme (.xml) none
Screenshot (.png) none

If you want install schemes manually, the list of colour schemes is below, click Download to get the XML file

Scheme Author Screenshot .XML file
Dark Lord BlueFatalSleep
GMS GreenJimmyBegg
Orange NightJimmyBegg
Solarized DarkHolyEggplant
Minim DarkNyo & Juicy Craft

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